Chic and safe - handles for glass doors

Glass doors look really good only when they also have the right handle.

Handles for Glass Hinged Doors

Unlike Wooden doors, where the locking device may well be hidden inside the door, a Hinged door made of Glass always needs a Lock case. That is why all Glass doors are sold with prepared drill holes, on which you then only need to mount the Lever handle set in the design of your choice.
At Griffwerk you will find Door handles for Glass doors in all styles, from Hygge to Bauhaus, from Industrial to Modern Country and from Minimalist to Scandinavian.
No matter which design and which of our many color finishes you choose: Our Lever handle sets for Glass doors all have a whisper trap to prevent unwanted noise.

Installing door handles for glass revolving doors: here's how:

If you are also replacing the door, hang the new door first before installing the lock case including the door handle.
If you are replacing the door handle and lock case on an old door, clean any nn grease and dirt from the glass in the area of the lock case.

  1. Take the door lock apart and lay everything out neatly.
  2. Consider to which side the door opens. That is where the door lock will go. Depending on whether the door is hinged to the left or right, you may need to turn the latch in the lock case.
  3. Place the supplied rubber or plastic pad between the lock case and the glass, and place the door lock where the pre-drilled holes are on the door and push it all the way to the edge of the door.
  4. On the opposite side, hold the counter plate and connect the two with the Allen screws provided. A second pair of hands is very helpful in this step. Make sure the door lock is sitting straight before tightening the screws. CAUTION: Tighten the screws by hand only, not with a cordless screwdriver! Under no circumstances should the screws be too tight.
  5. Then put on the cover.
  6. Insert the door handles from both sides into the hole provided and secure them with the small screws in the door handle if necessary.

Griffwerk's door locks are significantly smaller than average door locks and are characterized by the fact that they can be easily readjusted.

Handles for glass sliding doors

The whole thing looks a little different with sliding glass doors. Here you have none classic door handle to push down, but slide the door open sideways. Depending on taste, interior style and physical needs of the residents, either handle bars or handle shells are suitable for this purpose. Both are firmly mounted on the door and do not move.
Handle bars and handle shells require none drilling, because they can be clamped or glued on. For this purpose, we at Griffwerk use the secure SENSA technology, which has proven itself in aircraft construction. So you don't have to worry about holding your door handle in your hand at some point.

The advantage of this is that you decide for yourself at what Height you want to attach your handle shells or handle bars. A template facilitates alignment so that everything fits in no time at all.

Locking sliding doors

Due to the parallel orientation of sliding doors to the wall, it is not possible to insert the straight bolt into the striking-plate of a frame and lock the door. Therefore, sliding doors require special locking mechanisms such as hook or circle deadbolt locks, which are equipped with a stop post.

To reliably lock sliding doors, you need special locks with a curved compass and hook bolt, as conventional locks can simply be pushed open. When the key is turned, the compass engages behind the strike hole punching and locks the door. The deadbolt moves in a circular motion below due to its curved form.

Compass and hook bolt locks are available as a set with matching striking-plate and can be combined with various door lock variants such as mortise locks, rotary knobs and door rosettes in different forms and colors. This allows a wide range of lock case variants, even for sliding doors.

With the PLANEO SMART2LOCK system, you can lock sliding doors from Griffwerk invisibly and at the touch of a finger:

Advice: Door handles for your Glass doors

Our Griffwerk Glass door experts will be happy to help you choose the perfect new Door handles for your Glass doors.

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