handle shell pair


handle shell pair
surface: brushed steel look
EAN-13: 4250214344186
handle shell pair R8 SQUARE
screw on
58x115x9mm brushed steel look
valid country: Germany

grip shell R8 SQUARE

R8 Design

It combines strict geometric clarity with tactile pleasing curves. The angle of two straight lines meeting at right angles is formed here by a circular section. The size of this circle can be defined by radius. Rectangular and square shapes with rounded corners are created. These were not only a classifying stylistic element of the 70s, but already characteristic for the groundbreaking new design language of the Braun company in the 60s or a constant form feature for the furniture designs of Marcel Breuer. Today, they are the symbol of a series of design icons that are becoming the daily companions of an entire generation as smartphones. The new shapes are even clearer. They are made of selected, high-quality materials, play with design quotations and show a new perfection in workmanship.

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