light opening
The picture shows the glass panel GRIFFWERK SNOWWHITE 501 in the version matt with white glass PURE WHITE


light opening

color/opacity: PURE WHITE/matt

glass processing: SD
valid country: Germany
glass panel SNOWWHITE 501
EAN-13: 4250214487388


MSRP (based on german VAT)*

Glass door SNOWWHITE

Pure material effect

The micromatt surface of screen-printed glass doors in PURE WHITE by GRIFFWERK white glass reflects light similar to a crystalline, radiant snow surface. This lighting effect is particularly impressive in full-surface screen printing. The pure material effect. Unclouded, natural daylight flows into other rooms. The transparency combines functional areas of living to create generous, open room impressions.

Light openings

Light openings are glass inserts for wooden doors and thus a real option for a style-conscious modernisation of the living space. The living spaces receive more daylight overall and radiate a brighter atmosphere. Glass type and decors for light openings from Griffwerk can be selected individually. Many variation possibilities result from the extensive product range.

Pure White

White glass has a particularly noble effect and is characterised by a bright lighting effect in modern rooms. The green or grey tinge present in the product range is reduced to a minimum here. With PURE WHITE from Griffwerk, colour-neutral and flexible room design is guaranteed. White tones and daylight are expressed in a particularly natural way.


Matt or rather clear glass?

Matt glass surfaces provide better privacy and are also very popular for their aesthetics. The tactile quality of the surface of our matt glass doors nevertheless feels smooth due to the screen printing process and is extra scratch-resistant.

Reflections are softly softened, giving frosted finishes a calmer atmosphere. In contrast to clear glass, the view through frosted glass is only diffused due to the soft drawing. Objects or people behind a frosted glass door are only visible in shadowy form. In addition, the scattered incidence of light gives rooms and objects soft shadows and leads to a natural living feeling.

How do I clean a light cut-out?

When cleaning your interior glass, it is sufficient to clean the surface of the glass with warm water. To do this, please use a sponge or a soft, lint-free cloth. Clean over a large area and not selectively.

In the case of residues such as fingerprints on the glass door, you can also use commercially available glass cleaners (foam cleaners). Please do not use any abrasive, corrosive, acidic or alkaline cleaning agents. They attack the glass surface and can cause scratches. Excess water can be wiped dry with a microfibre cloth. If water is left on the glass for a long period of time, stubborn limescale residues can form. Therefore, please use only as much water as necessary right from the start. Excessive use of water or cleaning agents can cause the wooden strips to swell.

With laminated glass, make sure that the edge seal does not come into contact with water, otherwise moisture and the cleaning agent can penetrate the laminate.


Please do not use any scratching tools, razor blades or scrapers. They can leave visible and irreparable scratch marks on the surface.