Door handle SQUARE

  • Silhouette product image in perfect product view shows the GRIFFWERK rose set square SQUARE in the version single tumber lock - stainless steel mat - screw-on technique

Solid Steel

SQUARE is archetypal. The simplest forms, superlatively translated in solid steel. You can feel the power and strength of the material. SQUARE rods and rolled plates, have only been machined by milling. A shape of systematic and decisive clarity with only a few broken edges.

Care instructions stainless steel

General care of the material: Stainless steel

GRIFFWERK is not just limited to an attractive outer design – we are proud of our products' inner values too. We exclusively use 304 alloy stainless steel, designated as 1.4301. The composition of this high-quality stainless steel makes it a corrosion-proof stainless steel with special corrosion resistance and resilience. Corrosion-proof stainless steel forms a very thin protective passive layer that forms again by chemical reactions, even after the surface has been damaged.

Care instructions

GRIFFWERK recommends the "GRIFFWERK Pflegespray" care spray, which is specifically designed for our products, to care for and retain the value of your products. It has an intensive cleaning and dirt-repellent effect and thus retains the value of your products. Please do not use any aggressive cleaning agents or abrasive agents containing alcohol. Please note that the surface of the fittings can be damaged if subjected to excessive wear and tear, for instance from construction site dirt, grinding dust or aggressive vapours and sea water. Therefore, please clean your products with GRIFFWERK Pflegespray care spray as soon as they have become dirty. Our spray is available from all our trade partners.


  • SQUARE GK4 -stainless steel matt rose set square -screw-on technique -single tumber lock -door thickness 40-45mm
    Article number: 291300171
    EAN: 4250214304036
  • SQUARE GK4 -stainless steel matt rose set square -screw-on technique -profiled cylinder -door thickness 40-45mm
    Article number: 291300271
    EAN: 4250214304043
  • SQUARE GK4 -stainless steel matt rose set square -screw-on technique -WC -door thickness 40-45mm
    Article number: 291300371
    EAN: 4250214304050
  • SQUARE GK4 -stainless steel matt single handle L/R -screw-on technique -single handle L
    Article number: 291001171
    EAN: 4250214317852
  • SQUARE GK4 -stainless steel matt single handle R -screw-on technique -single handle R
    Article number: 291001271
    EAN: 4250214317869
  • SQUARE GK4 -stainless steel matt handle set -screw-on technique -handle pair
    Article number: 291001071
    EAN: 4250214309918