Hygge door and window handles: This is how cosiness goes

What is hygge and which door fittings best support the Danish design trend? Our guide explains.


What is the Hygge style?

Hygge comes from Denmark and is more than just a furnishing style: it is an attitude to life. Difficult to translate, it comes quite close to the German "Gemütlichkeit", but doesn't quite hit the mark - because it still lacks that "certain something". Security, conviviality, cordiality, comfort and warmth are also part of a hyggelig life. It is not for nothing that linguists assume that the word is related to the English "to hug". A hygge-style home therefore has a cosy atmosphere in which you feel comfortable and which you like to share with friends and family. Natural materials with a pleasant feel and natural as well as indirect light determine the furnishings. Hygge, done well, simply makes you happy - at least that's what they say in Denmark.



Hygge is all about well-being, so avoid sharp edges and corners for a hygge home. Door handles and door knobs that are soft and pleasant to the touch and have a warm feel go well with this style of furnishing. They don't necessarily have to be round, flat door handles and those in an L-shape can also suit Hygge - with rounded corners. This is how you combine cosiness with modernity.


Firstly, the material and design of a door handle create the feeling with which you enter the room. Secondly: Natural materials that exude warmth, such as wood or wool, are important elements of the Hygge furnishing style. Stainless steel in a matt, velvety finish is therefore recommended for door handles and door fittings in a modern Hygge house. The warm, pleasant feel of such door handles underscores the hygge atmosphere as soon as you enter the room.


What applies to sharp corners and edges in terms of shape, applies to shine and flashiness in terms of colour choice: you should avoid them. Hygge is simple and natural, soft light sets the scene. The basic colours of hygge furnishings are therefore beige, cream, white and pastel grey. Colour accents are only used sparingly in hygge living. To match this, the hyggel door handles from Griffwerk are all in cashmere grey or matt stainless steel, or velvet grey.

Hygge door handle from Griffwerk

Griffwerk is not Danish, but good design is our passion. And Hygge definitely falls under this category. If you want to live according to the hygge lifestyle, you will find the right handles for your doors in the Griffwerk product catalogue.

STRAIGHT-LINE - The Avus range in cashmere grey combines Nordic straight lines with two semi-circles - depending on the taste and design of your doors, choose a version with or without a rose.

Cosy - The Carola Piatta S door handle, also in cashmere grey, makes every home cosy. With its round, slightly conical handle shape, simple decorative applications and round rosette, it brings a piece of "good old days" to the door in a modern form.

APPRECIATE - The stainless steel lever handles of the Lucia range are round and therefore particularly pleasant to hold. Thanks to their inconspicuous matt colouring, these lever handles with round rose match all decorative ideas.

MODERN - Door handle model R8 ONE has no rosette at all and is a masterpiece of modern door design combined with hygge. Rectangular basic optics with hyggelig rounded edges in cashmere grey are just right for a cosy, modern home.

ELEGANT - The cashmere grey Remote door handle has a particularly flattering feel thanks to its wide surface. The flat shape on a round rosette looks elegant, classic and at the same time brings the decisive hygge factor to the door.

MINIMALISTIC - With their rounded edges, the minimalist door handles of the Sieger range fit perfectly into a hygge flat. The rounded back or underside of the handle ensures a particularly pleasant gripping experience with a maximally modern look.