Living trends 2024: Cartoon, Memphis and color blocking

These living trends bring creativity and a good mood into your own four walls as well as plenty of color. Find out here how best to integrate these eye-catching looks into your home and what Glass doors have to do with them.

Because trends always express the spirit of the times, they are a good indicator of what society wants. What does it say about us when we furnish our homes with brightly colored furniture and comic styles? In any case, the current living trend dispels bad moods and sets optimistic accents.

Now it's getting flashy: as a counter-trend to Minimalism, interiors should be fun this year. With Memphis-style designs, cartoon elements and color blocking, flashy, eye-catching furniture and accessories are moving in and celebrating the motto "more is more".

Metal and Color: How to succeed with the colorful living trend

In order for the gaudy individual pieces to unfold their full effect and not appear overwhelming, they need a calm background. This is why calm, industrial elements are an ideal combination: stainless steel kitchens, Loft doors made of aluminum, straight-lined fittings and Metal furniture become a visual counterpart. Because the entire living trend calls for a good mood, the clean metal elements fit in perfectly: they convey the zeitgeist of the noughties, which includes a belief in progress and the optimism that goes with it.

Each of the three colorful living trends works in rooms with a relaxed atmosphere. Visually, the desired calm is created primarily with uniformity and brightness. Glass doors , for example, allow light to flow through the room while creating a modern look. The effect of uniform fittings is often underestimated - Modern door handles emphasize the look without being obtrusive.

What is the Memphis style?

The Italian designer collective "Memphis" came together in 1980 and designed colorful, imaginative furniture and accessories until they split up eight years later. The design language was fundamentally new at the time and was intended to be fun: Using elementary forms such as cubes, spheres, pyramids or cones, the Memphis Group designers created playful furniture in bright colors. Current furniture has been inspired by this style.

What makes the cartoon look?

Designers have discovered comics for themselves and are integrating inflated upholstery, googly eyes, Lego bricks and colors into their living worlds. It could be like moving into a painting by the artist Roy Lichtenstein. While the walls and Floors are very restrained in terms of color, all the color accents in the room are set with straight-lined, colorful furniture. The designers were inspired by childhood memories: Handles become turtle shells reminiscent of Super Mario, angular chairs are painted in the colors of the Joker and Fix & Foxi pages are framed.

How does color blocking work?

Color blocking uses clear, contrasting colors to create visual highlights. The room is divided into color zones in which walls, furniture and accessories are based on the assigned main color. Although the room has many colorful elements, the interior still appears structured and clear. Neutral colors such as White, Grey or Black are used as a background so that the colors can unfold their full effect and create a balanced overall impression.

Matching Doors and Fittings at Griffwerk

Whether DIN right or left, laser-decorated or matt, hinged or Sliding doors: GRIFFWERK is guaranteed to have the right door model for every home. The perfectly coordinated fittings set accents when you need them and blend into the overall picture when you want them to. The modern PLANEO AIR Glass doors, for example, with their clear lines and metal details, are a perfect match for the colorful living trend. The MINIMAL MODERN door handle set has a Minimalist basic shape that blends harmoniously into any modern living environment.