Shorten Glass doors

After renovation work on the floor may happen that doors do not close optimally after that and need to be processed accordingly. What you can do in this case for a Glass door.

To minimize the risk of injury, Glass doors are made of specially tempered glass. This makes them particularly robust. None sharp edges: if the washer does break, it breaks into small, rounded pieces. This type of special glass is called tempered safety glass (TSG) or laminated glass (LSG). Single-pane safety glass, as the name suggests, consists of a seperate pane of glass. Laminated glass consists of at least two panes of glass, joined by a No film between the panes. Laminated glass is heated and then cooled very quickly. This changes the tension of the glass pane and makes it more robust. This actual advantage, becomes a disadvantage when the glass is reworked. Because: The glass is indeed very robust and impact resistant. However, to cut the glass again afterwards is impossible without breaking the washer.

When the Glass door no longer fits - What are the options?

Unfortunately, if the door is dragging or cannot be opened at all or only partially, shortening it is None option - neither for oneself, nor for glass experts or specialized companies. Therefore, it makes the most sense to replace the door and replace it with a glass door with the correct door leaf length. The only exception is Plexiglas doors. These are comparatively easy to cut with the right saw blade.

Another option for Glass doors is to move the door up a Piece at the hinges, if that is at all possible with the particular door frame. Also possible: set the door frame to the top. However, this is a lot of work and is only an option if the door is to be reinstalled in any case. Before renovation work on the floor, you should always consider the doors. If the doors no longer fit, it is usually best to replace them. Renovation work on the wall and door frame is usually more expensive than the complete door replacement itself.