Griffwerk-Studio-Concept Room-Advantage



In the scope of the name change to GRIFFWERK GmbH in 2014, the entire appearance of the specialist trade brand GRIFFWERK has been revised. This also affected the GRIFFWERK-STUDIO CONCEPT. It was presented in early 2015 already, is protected under design law and has just been expanded. In addition to purely formal criteria such as the adjustment to the colour concept of the new GRIFFWERK brand, many functional ideas could be implemented to strengthen the sales room – particularly in times of e-Commerce – and make sales consulting easier. The entire system is integrated into a multimedia communication concept that specialist trade can use for itself..


Customers desire a clearly structured overview as well as detailed information. GRIFFWERK from Blaustein solves this with information levels in its sales architecture. There are many reinforcement options by which the sales pitch can be customised and "deepened". Extensible wall boards and well-structured drawers that have been equipped with competence sets, e.g. on the subject of "Safety for apartment entrance doors" meet these demands. They are quickly at hand when necessary. Remote effects and initial impression, in contrast, focus on a few, well-structured main groups and the subjects that are so very important for GRIFFWERK.


Many different subjects can be set in the new system depending on weighting, and put at the focus on the large panels. The panels can be presented anew many times thanks to their simple exchange system. Trade can select its focuses from the GRIFFWERK theme pool. There will always be matching theme panels for the sales architecture for any current and new innovations. These theme packages not only keep the sales room up to date for visitors at all times, but can also be used in other media by specialist trade.


Studies prove that approximately 87 % of all customers have already collected information online before coming to the store. It is a great opportunity, since potential buyers for specialist trade and crafts could be acquired with a high reach here. The theme packages continually developed by GRIFFWERK can generally be placed on any communications channel. Therefore, GRIFFWERK actively performs media prework for specialist trade, ensuring, for example, on the company's website that the potential buyers that are acquired will find their way to the specialist dealer easily. Trade is provided with text and picture packages for its communication, which it can use, e.g., for customer newsletters. At the actual sales site, the potential buyer will always find the current subjects, e.g. consistently shown on the panels. "This creates a logical communication chain to the sales room," explains Elke Hagmann, who is responsible for the communication concepts at GRIFFWERK and has developed the POS system together with interior designer Diana Sindlinger. She adds: "We want to provide our specialist trade customers with a set of instruments of theme-related innovation impulses that they can use flexibly and multimedially, and that can also be mapped in the sales room."


The GRIFFWERK-Studio is modularly designed. It is suitable for entire shop-in-shop solutions of twenty-five and more square metres as well as for supplementary single modules for little space. Thanks to classical colours in white and black, the system can be integrated well. GRIFFWERK placed special value on a concept for crafts, to simplify setting up of a dedicated sales room. The solutions are coordinated with a sensible core range. The latest supplements are two systems with integrated storage options: a free-standing stele and a wall shelf that has already become known as "competence centre" and is now presented in a newly revised version.


The matching door handle solution or glass doors will be even easier to find in the new studio concept. Theme families can be presented together and the simple SETFIX system permits putting together the glass and door handle solution individually in the sales pitch. Two high-quality modules are offered for the glass door range. Experience the studio concept live, among others at the industry day in Cologne on 3 and 4 November.

With the GRIFFWERK POS, form and material can be experienced, product histories are told and technology can be explained simply.
Our customers rely on the new experienceable shop-in-shop concept
It is worth visiting a GRIFFWERK shop-in-shop: Form and material can be experienced.