door handle set SAVIA clip on cl3 rose set round euro profile brushed steel
door handle set SAVIA clip on cl3 rose set round euro profile brushed steel
door handle set SAVIA clip on cl3 rose set round euro profile brushed steel

Door handle set
Art. No. 192160271

Round escutcheons
Type of locking
Profile cylinder
Satin stainless steel
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door handle set SAVIA
clip on cl3 rose set round
euro profile brushed steel
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Handle profiles

When it comes to door handles, how it feels in your hand is just as important as the aesthetics. Each handle profile has its own style. We have four different profile types: round, oval, square and design.

Round profiles, such as the SAVIA door handle set, are timeless classics, a geometrically clean look that is equally pleasant to handle.Advantages of clip-on technique:

  • stainless steel, no visible screws
  • Clip-on cams for quick installation
  • Plain bearings, maintenance-free, invisible
  • Lifting springs, spring steam, bilateral
  • Subconstruction of high-quality plastic
  • Audited to DIN EN 1906

Supplied with

Pair of handles incl. rosettes and mounting set

What is a profile cylinder?

A profile cylinder lock is used as a classic for house, office and flat entrance doors. A profile cylinder is a cylinder that can be operated with a key. Profile cylinders therefore also provide a certain degree of protection - although less than protective fittings. Attention: If you want a door handle with profile cylinder insert, please note the marking PZ.

Upgrade to screw technology?

Isolated product image in perfect product view shows the GRIFFWERK rose set SAVIA PROF in the version euro profile - brushed steel - screw on technique

Mid-Century Modern

Mid-Century Modern stands for a special design in architecture. Living styles originated in the USA and Europe between the 1930s and 1960s. Mid-Century Modern is characterized above all by clear lines, organic forms and streamlined design without further embellishments. In terms of color, earth tones are particularly popular. In homes today, the Mid-Century Modern furnishing style is often found in sofas and other furniture, but the style is also a furnishing idea for door handles. our door handles are a perfect match.

Care instructions for stainless steel: Door handles, window handles and co.

High quality material with intelligent surface

GRIFFWERK does not limit itself to elegant design - we are proud of the inner values of our products. We only use stainless steel alloy 304, also known as "1.4301". Due to its composition, this high-quality steel - matt or polished - is rustproof with exceptional corrosion resistance and durability. Stainless steel forms a very thin protective passive layer, which rebuilds itself even after surface damage caused by chemical reactions.

Care spray for door handles

GRIFFWERK recommends using special stainless steel care sprays to care for and maintain the value of your stainless steel door handles and fittings. They clean intensively, have a dirt-repellent effect and thus maintain the value of your stainless steel door set, lever handles and door fittings. Please do not use any aggressive cleaning and scouring agents containing alcohol for cleaning - regardless of whether the stainless steel surface is matt, polished or shiny. Please note that the surface of the lever handle set can be damaged if it is exposed to unusual stresses, such as building dirt, sanding dust, aggressive vapors or salt water. Therefore, clean the lever handle set with a stainless steel care spray immediately after soiling.

Door handle set SAVIA
Art. No. 192160271