Perfect match: antiques and the industrial look

The cool look of the industrial style goes particularly well with Antique furniture. Find out why this is the case, how to combine the two styles correctly and what Glass doors have to do with it here.

The industrial look - also known as industrial design - is an interior design style inspired by industrial workshops and warehouses. This living trend has gained popularity in recent years and is used in urban lofts or modern apartments. In addition to an open room concept, Glass doors, metal elements and authentic vintage furniture characterize these Living styles. Antique furniture in particular is considered the "perfect match" for the industrial look.

Features of the industrial look

The Industrial style favors open floor plans and high ceilings that make the room appear spacious and airy, imitating the character of factory buildings or warehouses. But the style can also be implemented in traditional floor plans: Glass doors with an industrial look or space-saving Glass sliding doors give the rooms the light-flooded character of a loft, while matching furniture emphasizes the style.

Raw, untreated materials such as concrete, brick, Steel and Wood are typically used for the industrial look. The materials are not covered or concealed, but remain in their original state. Steel metal accents are particularly popular and are integrated into the room concept as struts in Glass doors, as fittings or visible pipes.

Antique furniture as a counterpart

The unplastered brick walls, a concrete floor, rough materials and a Neutral color palette from Grey to Brown look cool and create an urban atmosphere. This very modern look needs interior counterparts that bring emotion - and Antique furniture is perfect for this. After all, antiques tell a rich story that can be read in the signs of wear and tear and individual details. Their unique authenticity harmonizes very well with the rustic and industrial ambience of the industrial style.

The mixture of vintage elements with industrial accents gives the room a diverse atmosphere with a touch of nostalgia. In light-flooded, modern rooms, the high-quality handcrafted pieces of furniture from another era create an interesting contrast full of personality.

Mixing Living styles: Combining Antique Furniture the Right Way

Whether it's grandma's heirloom, a flea market find or an investment from a dealer - antiques are high-quality pieces of furniture that reveal their full charm in the right combination and at the same time give a glimpse of the occupants' personality. To ensure that your favorite antique pieces don't look old-fashioned, there are a Pair of things to keep in mind and set the scene carefully:

Pieces of furniture that are older than 100 years, i.e. from the Art Nouveau, Biedermeier, Empire or Baroque style periods, are considered antiques. They are characterized by the use of dark Wood or dark stains. Depending on the era, ornate fittings, inlays, carvings or even gold leaf decorations were added.

Because the individual antique pieces are dark and eye-catching, they are best displayed in bright, light-flooded rooms. Chests of drawers, cabinets, dining tables or chairs create fantastic, warm accents as everyday objects in Minimalist surroundings. At the same time, they lend modern rooms a sense of grandeur without appearing dusty.

But it doesn't have to be a large Biedermeier chest of drawers - even small home accessories such as antique picture frames or vases can make a big impact in living spaces: A modern picture in an old frame looks impressive, a playful vase becomes a skillful combination in front of a brick wall.

It is important not to overload the room with antiques, but to place them as unique pieces among modern furnishings. The clear lines and translucent glass elements of the industrial look provide the perfect backdrop for this modern yet sustainable mix of styles.

Matching Doors and Fittings from GRIFFWERK

Sliding doors from GRIFFWERK can be used as the perfect room divider with an industrial look. With their clear lines, the modern PLANEO AIR Glass doors are a perfect match for industrial Living styles. The MINIMAL MODERN door handle set has a Minimalist basic shape that blends harmoniously into any modern living environment.