Glass apartment doors

Modern apartment and house entrance doors made of glass bring elegance and brightness to the entrance area. A glass entrance door also means efficient thermal insulation. What matters in the selection.

Glass apartment doors: types

Apartment doors made of glass are available in many different designs. Most of the apartment doors are swing doors. They are also called swing doors. On one side, the door is hinged to the wall, or hinged - usually you can choose between DIN left and DIN right doors. Glass swing doors offer many design possibilities: Lettering or motifs on the glass pane can be individually realized.

Glass types for apartment doors

Glass doors for apartment or house entrance are available in different types of glass. The stability of the glass depends on the manufacturing process.

Most apartment doors are made of laminated safety glass. Laminated glass consists of two specially heat-treated glass panes. A transparent and tear-resistant No film is incorporated between the washers. Should the glass pane break, the washers adhere to this film and the pane does not break into seperate fragments. In addition, the film between the glass panes has a more sound-absorbing effect than is the case with tempered safety glass (Tempered safety glass). Tempered safety glass (Tempered safety glass) consists of a glass pane that has been specially heat-treated, making it even more impact-resistant.

To customize front doors, clear glass, frosted glass or a special design lasered into the glass can be used. Of course, there are also doors with Glass inserts, so-called Glazing cut-outs.

Glass apartment doors: sound and heat insulating

Apartment doors made of glass are sound and heat insulating thanks to rubber seals. The rubber seals are visually inconspicuous, reliably keep out drafts and do not allow heating air to escape.

Particularly high thermal insulation is provided by insulating glass, which is usually installed in a front door with glass insert as multiple glazing. The glazing of the front door as a glass door also depends on what material the entrance door is made of - often aluminum, steel or wood. Apartment entrance doors made of wood are optimal for 2 and 3-fold thermal glazing and are durable. For plastic frames should be used a maximum of 2-fold thermal glazing.

Glass apartment doors matching interior glass doors

For the optimal design experience, combine the look of your glass apartment door with that of your all-glass interior doors. Minimalist apartment entrance door? Goes best with sleek, modern all-glass doors or sliding glass doors. Also recommended: use the same material for the front door handle as for your interior doors - if at all possible: use the same handle shape. This creates the perfect uniform look.

The most frequently asked questions about glass apartment doors

What questions are most often asked about glass apartment doors? We found out using software that analyzes the questions people ask voice assistants from Apple, Google and others. We answer two of them here:

1. are glass apartment doors tight closing?

Glass doors are available with tight-closing systems. A rubber edge on the door keeps out drafts and also reduces noise.

2. when apartment doors made of glass are suitable?

Glass doors are useful when you want to brighten up the room. Especially small rooms look more open and larger due to the incidence of light. Glass doors are suitable for all rooms. Satin frosted glass protects them from view and still allows enough daylight to enter.