Cleaning and care

As a manufacturer of hardware and doors, we know that caring for and cleaning them not only improves their external appearance, but also extends their service life and maintains their functionality. We want to share our expertise with you in this blog and provide tips and instructions to ensure that your hardware, windows and doors are always in top condition.

In the blog articles on "Cleaning and care", you will find practical instructions and helpful advice on how to keep windows and doors sparkling clean. Just like glass doors - which give a home a modern look, but also require special cleaning methods. This also applies to cleaning difficult areas - such as the running rails of sliding doors: dirt and deposits need to be removed so that the doors continue to glide smoothly - we show you how!

When you visit our blog, you will also learn how to effectively disinfect door handles to reduce the spread of germs and illnesses and protect family or guests. You will also receive tips on how to care for door handles so that they not only remain clean, but also beautiful and functional in the long term.

Click through our tips and instructions regularly and benefit from our experience as a manufacturer of hardware and doors. Read the latest articles and practical advice on cleaning and care and expand your knowledge with us. So that together we can make your home shine with clean accents and well-maintained interior design.