Cleaning the Running tracks of Sliding doors: this is how it's done

Sliding doors glide beautifully, gently "click" and are easy to operate. These are some of the many reasons why Sliding doors are so popular - whether they are used as room dividers, to make use of niches, or to provide access to the outdoors.

However, the smooth gliding and quiet clicking is sometimes abruptly interrupted: By crunching, creaking and braking. Not only does this sound unpleasant, you also have to use force to move the door. If it has come to this, however, it does not mean that the Sliding door is broken. Often, an urgent, thorough cleaning is simply called for. Especially with Sliding doors that lead to the outdoors, the Running track often accumulates sand, small stones, blades of grass and more. But dust, moisture and grease can also contaminate the rails indoors.

Cleaning sliding door rails properly

Read here how to clean the rails of your Sliding doors easily and efficiently:

Very coarse dirt such as leaves, stones, grass, or dry clods of earth are best removed by hand. Then proceed with the broom or preferably with the vacuum cleaner with the thin special attachment for corners and crevices. After that, all loose dirt such as sand or dust should be gone.

For sticky, greasy or dust that is "caked" in the corners, reach for a microfiber cloth and soapy water. Dirt that is all in the corner or in grooves can also be tackled with an old toothbrush or Q-tip. Important: always clean both sides of the door (inside and out) and also don't forget to move the Sliding door to get to the part of the Running track that is "occupied" in each case.

Particularly stubborn or stuck layers of dirt that are not impressed by soapy water, you can deal with a time-tested home remedy: Baking soda and vinegar solution. Dust the stubbornly dirty areas with baking soda, then spray it with white wine vinegar or vinegar solution. After it bubbles, the dirt should be loosened and you can then pick it up with a microfiber cloth or an old dishcloth. After that, it is best to wipe everything dry well with kitchen roll, not forgetting hidden corners and grooves.

If you take action with a broom or vacuum cleaner every week and perform wet cleaning every two to three months, your Sliding door should always glide smoothly and the Running track should always look presentable.