Door locks: this is how important the right lock is

Door locks control much more than just access - they also make style statements and set new standards in terms of security.

Door locks act as doormen in our homes because they control access to a room. Instead of saying "You can't come in here!", keys provide privacy when we want it and also offer protection against unauthorized access. These keys, a code or biometric features can be used to open and lock door locks. How secure a lock is depends on its quality, installation and maintenance.

A brief history of door locks

It was only when humans settled down around 12,000 years ago and began to live in permanent houses that locking technology became necessary. Since then, it has constantly evolved - and with it the ingenuity of burglars, which has led to further optimizations. To this day, door locks have adapted to technological progress.

While experts date wooden shootbolt locks to the 10th century BC, the first sliding bolt designs are described by Homer in the Odyssey, thus proving their existence 3000 years before Christ. The first drop bolt lock - a lock that can only be opened with a suitable key - has been around for around 2800 years, as excavations in Iraq have shown. The latter is considered to be the technological predecessor of the modern cylinder lock that we usually install today.

As the first locks were made of Wood, there are hardly any archaeological finds, as the organic material could not withstand the ravages of time. It was only when the Romans started using metal that the locking mechanisms survived the centuries. Incidentally, over 1000 exhibits from the 4000-year history of locks and fittings can be viewed in the German Lock and Fittings Museum.

What door locks are available today?

Today, there are different types of locks that fulfill different functions: Cipher bit locks, for example, which are relatively simple in design, are suitable for Internal doors, while they should be avoided for External doors because they hardly meet any security requirements and are relatively easy for unauthorized persons to open even without a suitable key.

The same applies to WC closers or smart2lock locking technology: while the former, as a classic for bathrooms, can be locked from the inside with a rotary knob and can be emergency unlocked from the outside with a coin, smart2lock is an innovative and intelligent locking technology that works maintenance-free and without electronics: The locking mechanism integrated in the door handle is activated by a brief click, while a red indicator on the door handle signals "do not disturb".

Profile cylinder locks, on the other hand, offer a relatively high level of protection. In such a classic lock for house, office and Apartment entrance doors, there are independent pins that can only be ordered by a suitable key so that the lock opens.

Security door handles offer the most secure door lock variant for front doors. They resist burglary attempts for a long time and are therefore considered a burglar-resistant measure. Security door handles are therefore classified into resistance classes, which indicate how strong the burglary protection is. Door fittings can be selected from four different protection classes depending on individual protection requirements.

Design and trends in door locks

As technology has advanced, so have door locks. There is now a good selection of electronic locks that control access with biometric recognition systems or digitally. Fingerprints and electronically or mechanically transmitted numerical codes then become the key. One clear advantage of these modern door lock variants? You can no longer forget the key and all household members have access at all times.

The design trend is moving in the direction of modernity. New fittings give old Doors a completely new, modern look. If a new fitting does not fit perfectly on the old door, a Long backplate helps to cover the old drill holes. The combination of styles in particular creates an unmistakable ambience: Modern window and door handles are particularly eye-catching in old buildings, while a harmonious overall look is created in modern living spaces with a matching set. Uniform fittings are particularly important for the perfect living ambience, as otherwise visual unrest quickly arises.

At GRIFFWERK, all Doors - and even Windows - can be fitted with the same look without having to compromise on security. This is because the door locks and Securitydoorhandles can be combined with all Rose and escutcheon sets. This guarantees protection from the outside and a uniform look on the inside. The extensive range offers different designs - from the lever handle to the rosette, from Cashmere grey to Stainless steel and Brass effect. In addition to the modular system for Security door handles, there are also matching fittings for Apartment entrance doors, (Wood) Internal doors, Glass doors and Window handles - for an uncompromisingly uniform look.