Living trend Lagom - happiness lies in the middle

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How a Swedish trend elevates moderation to a way of life


Lagom - ever heard of it? Just like hygge, lagom comes from the north, this time from Sweden, and just like hygge, lagom is much more than an interior design style. Now you often hear things like, "Hygge is not a decorating style, hygge is a way of life." Or "Surfing is not a sport, it's a lifestyle." With Lagom, even that falls short. Because:

The Swedes mean: The middle makes happy. In all situations and in all aspects of life. One should not have too little and not too much, not go too fast and not too slow; not leave the table hungry, but also not "overeat". People should not be too quiet and not too hyper, not too grouchy and not overly friendly, and so on. With Lagom it is similar to Ying and Yang, where balance is the goal. Lagom seeks the middle. There is no exact word for it in German - but "just right" comes close.

Lagom in the facility

In terms of decor, Lagom casually means, "Make it cozy and personal, but don't clutter up your home with too much stuff." Neither too much furniture, nor too much decoration, nor too many colors. The "too much" drives away the peace and serenity. On the other hand, "too little" quickly looks bare and cold - and no one wants that in a culture that is used to braving the cold and dark. It should be cozy like hygge, but a tad more functional and a little less "fluffy".


After all, furnishings should not only be beautiful, but above all useful. Everything we furnish ourselves with has a purpose: a sofa to sit on, tables for eating or working, a wardrobe for clothes, a vase for flowers, a picture on the wall for joy. According to Lagom, you should have as much of all this as you need - be it for a specific practical function or for your (visual) sense of well-being. Anything beyond that is too much.

The same goes for colors: Lagom favors calm hues that are coordinated. Not too gaudy and not too drab. Furniture in a Lagom style is straightforward and made of wood, the covers are made of natural materials such as wool or linen. When it comes to accessories, Lagom goes well with pieces that you really like and enjoy looking at. Not too few, but not too many. Then it does not matter if they are from the higher price category. Because one of the good things about Lagom furnishings is that since it doesn't chase short-lived fashion trends, it doesn't go out of style. A Lagom home can be enjoyed for years to come. Of course, you can always insert a small change, but the big picture remains and does not visibly age.

Those who live the Lagom feeling are happier people for that reason alone, according to many Swedes, because everything is "just right". That also means: I don't strive for more, I'm not greedy. What I have is enough to be happy and content. So Lagom is "just right" especially in difficult times.

What doors fit Lagom?

The best match for a Lagom style apartment is matte or satin glass doors. To maintain a comfortable balance of ambiance, light and sense of space, Lagom lets light from one room into the other without using clear glass to show everything that lies beyond the door. The kitchen likes to be physically separated from the living room so that each space can better find its balance. Whether it is a revolving door or a sliding door plays a rather minor role for Lagom, this is determined more by the size and layout of the apartment.



Door fittings for Lagom furnishings

Door fittings that combine round and straight elements are suitable for Lagom furnishings: Not too angular, not too playful... From the Griffwerk range, these are in particular:

AVUS: Straight lines combined with two semicircles - the Perfect Lagom combination.

REMOTE: wide surface, flat shape, flattering feel and perfect functionality. More Lagom hardly possible.

SIEGER: Angular look, rounded edges, friendly rounded hand shape of All the right size for your langom home.

R8 ONE: Rectangular appearance with rounded edges without rosette - the "just right" mixture.

The colors of door hardware in Lagom style should not be too flashy and go well with natural materials. Shiny and colorful variants such as chrome, polished brass or copper and colorful faux hardware thus fall out, as do black door handles. For a Lagom-style home, reach for cashmere gray or velvet gray, as well as matte stainless steel.