The sea at home: the maritime style

Vacations by the sea are THE Germans' favorite type of vacation: Two thirds of people in this country prefer beach vacations. Many bring maritime souvenirs with them to recreate the relaxed beach atmosphere, at least on the windowsill or bookshelf. In the corresponding vacation resorts, entire stores thrive on the desire for maritime flair.

The beauty of maritime style is that it can be combined with Minimalist, modern, rustic or eclectic basic furnishings - so you can furnish almost any home in maritime style without having to redo everything. The maritime style is also characterized by a timeless aesthetic that is inspired by the atmosphere and character of the sea. It combines traditional elements with a fresh, relaxed atmosphere that brings beach life into everyday life.

Depending on whether you want to give the maritime style a Caribbean, Mediterranean or European touch, different color palettes prevail. In general, however, "maritime style" is understood to mean the flair of the North and Baltic Seas. The most important colors are White, Blue and Beige: White for clouds and wave crests, beige for Sand and Wood, Blue for sky and sea. It doesn't matter whether you go deeper into the theme and paint entire walls Blue or Blue-grey, or whether you leave it at a carpet, curtain, blankets or cushions. With this color combination, you can almost feel the sea breeze...

The material world of maritime style plays with what the sea and coast have to offer: Wood is an important component of the maritime style. Solid wood furniture is usually light, sometimes dark; floorboards as well as lamps, handrails and decorations made of (driftwood) Wood give the rooms a warm and natural touch and are reminiscent of boats and jetties.

Textiles in the maritime style are primarily made of natural materials: blankets and cushions made of wool are reminiscent of the flocks of sheep on the dyke, as are whole sheepskins on sofas, poufs, wooden benches or the Floor. Tablecloths, curtains, placemats and covers made of linen or jute are reminiscent of duffel bags and sailcloth. At the same time, these materials give every room a warm, cozy and casual look, even if the basic style is modern-minimalist.

However, the biggest role in maritime style is probably played by accessories: "ships in a bottle"; ship's lanterns, ropes as handles, handrails or on lamps, plus bottles, frames, figurines, utensils made of driftwood, shell boxes and window hangers made of Wood, wool, shells or simply shells and stones in clay bowls or loosely scattered are the simplest way to create a maritime atmosphere.

Griffwerk products for that beach feeling in everyday life

The maritime style is understated and simple. That's why the matt finishes of all our fittings go particularly well with it: Stainless steel if the basic furnishings are more white and modern-minimalist, Cashmere grey if the focus is on coziness and warmth and Graphite black or brass if you want to create a feeling like on a ship or at the harbor.


The door handles in the AVUS range combine modernity with Nature through clear lines with rounded ends and offer plenty of matt finishes. They therefore go wonderfully with a cozy maritime feel with a modern touch.

The classic CAROLA PIATTA S is THE perfect partner for a beach atmosphere with an emphasis on rustic elements: a tribute to the simple life in the "good old days". The cone shape fits comfortably in the hand and the small decorative elements go perfectly with natural accessories such as stones, shells or Wood.

The LUCIA handle with a combination of round bar and straight-edged fittings combines cosiness and naturalness with modernity. If you have Hinged doors and want to emphasize the modern element in the maritime style, you should go for the LEAF LIGHTdoor handlefrom Sieger Design, in matt Cashmere grey or Graphite black - depending on the color of the fittings. Its horizontal top line gives it a modern, understated look, while the rounded bottom contour is naturally flattering in the hand.

The maritime style also thrives on light, breezes and a wide horizon. Glass doors are therefore a very good choice to emphasize this furnishing style, as they allow sunlight to flood through the rooms.

The Birds&Bird Glass door allows birds to wander through your home and almost feel the sea breeze.

The LINES 557 Glass door is reminiscent of a jetty and the Nature 660 model allows dune grass to grow in your home. LINES DIFFERENT, on the other hand, resembles coastal fog in the early morning. This Door is ideal for rooms that require privacy in a maritime style, such as bathrooms or bedrooms.