Natural living style

Especially in big cities, where we are surrounded by a lot of concrete, glass and artificial light, there is a kind of "new longing" for nature. This is increasingly expressed in modern, sustainable urban planning that includes green spaces, pedestrian zones and projects like urban gardening. But things are also happening behind the facades to bring nature back into the cities: All about natural living style.

Green, cosy, good

What trees create outside, wooden elements bring inside: a healthy indoor climate and an incomparable feeling of well-being. Solid wood makes a home warm, cosy and comfortable and is therefore the most important, but by no means the only material for creating a natural living style. There are even studies that prove that solid wood in homes has a measurable stress-reducing and mood-lifting effect - just like a walk in the woods. It is important that the wood types of furniture and walls, window frames or floors harmonise. It is best to choose a maximum of two or three that also occur side by side in nature.

Everything that nature provides is used as unprocessed as possible in the natural living style: the furniture is oiled, not varnished, and preferably with visible grain. The floor is made of real wood parquet or natural stone slabs. Both can also set very beautiful natural accents on one or the other selected wall, as can cork. The accessories in the natural living style also rely on Mother Nature as the best designer and supplier: houseplants are a must, along with cushions, blankets and curtains made of wool, cotton or linen. Sheepskins on the seating and decorative items or utensils made of natural materials such as bowls made of wood, earthenware ceramics; as well as lamps made of driftwood, rattan or twigs all ensure more nature in the home.

Green is the most natural colour of all and has also been proven to have a calming effect. Houseplants add splashes of green, but individual green walls, large-format photographs of forests or plants and wallpaper with large-scale leaf motifs also help to give the flat a natural ambience.

Light, air, lightness

Sunlight belongs to nature like sand to the sea. A flat in natural style therefore needs a lot of natural light, which means: large windows with airy curtains, glass doors in the right places and, for support, light, natural colours such as white, cream, beige and one or two splashes of colour, as also occurs in nature. Where it is possible and no one can see in, windows without curtains or drapes are also a good idea, with hanging or standing flower pots and window decorations made of natural materials.

The combination of light, wood, matching accessories and natural colours creates a harmonious environment that calms the senses and creates a positive living feeling.

Doors for a natural living style

"Natural" solid wood doors go particularly well with the natural style of living, especially untreated ones. But glass doors are also a good match because they let in a lot of natural light and, depending on the orientation and surroundings, give you a view of nature outside. If you want to let in natural light but need privacy at the same time, satin glass doors with a natural design are a wonderful option: the Griffwerk glass door models BIRDS & BIRD, LINES 825, LINES 606, and the sliding glass doors in the NATURE line, bring light, privacy and natural elements into your home in the matt finish. In the Pure White version, the BIRDS & BIRD model in particular provides a special touch of nature in every home.

Matching fittings

Natural materials have their very own warm feel. Many feel rough to the touch. But even if they are smooth like river pebbles, they rarely shine. All fittings from the Griffwerk portfolio, which are available in cashmere grey, graphite black or other matt finishes, therefore suit the natural living style. For the natural style of living, the colour look and feel are more important than the shape. Try it out: If a door handle feels soft, warm and flattering in the hand, it suits the natural living style.