Natural light in the living space: with bright rooms to feel at home

The incidence of light in rooms plays a significant role in whether we feel comfortable in rooms or not. Dark rooms can also be cozy. A bright and light-flooded room, however, always seems friendlier and more inviting than a dark room. Especially rooms in which we want to be active should be designed as bright as possible. Accordingly, an office should have plenty of daylight. The bedroom can therefore be set up in the room of the apartment where the least amount of daylight enters the room, if this is possible in terms of space.

Architecture: consider natural light before building a house

Daylight is a free source of light and should definitely be carefully considered before building a house. How are the rooms divided? Where does the sun rise and set? How many windows should be installed and how large should they be? All these questions must be well thought out in advance. The type of room separation must also be planned. Opaque walls or Sliding doors made of glass? Glass elements in walls and as doors ("Glazingcut-outs"), let daylight into any room and influence our well-being.

Light structures our days: the high blue content of daylight suppresses the production of the sleep hormone melatonin, strengthens our ability to concentrate and gives us the day-night rhythm. In addition, sunlight stimulates the production of endorphins, the so-called happiness hormones, in our body. Daylight is also involved in the body's own vitamin formation - keyword "vitamin D". The sun vitamin strengthens our immune system. In addition, sunlight reduces the formation of fungi, bacteria and viruses.

A bright interior emphasizes Natural Light

The larger the windows, the more daylight falls into the room. It is obvious that not all rooms are equipped with large windows. Therefore, you can visually support the incoming daylight, with a bright interior and emphasize it even more. White, beige and cream walls look fresh and cozy. Bright, gaudy colors have an invigorating effect. A bright pastel blue or yellow looks friendly and invigorating in sunlight. Not only the color of the walls should be considered here. Also the color design of the seperate pieces of furniture, must fit together. Many light colors, such as White, cream and pastel colors, look noble and are timeless. Especially high pieces of furniture should be light, otherwise they visually press the room and make it look darker.

If there is little daylight in one room, but a lot in an adjacent one, the light can be passed on to the next room thanks to Glass doors or doors with glazing cut-outs.