Seal Glass Doors

Leaky Glass doors allow drafts to enter rooms and warm heating air to escape from the room. To solve this problem, you can seal Glass doors afterwards. We show how.

Glass doors retrofit sealing: What variants are available?

Foam sealing

A simple and inexpensive way to seal Glass doors are foam seals. They come in various Widths and Thicknesses. They are often self-adhesive and can be stuck to the bottom edge of the door leaf. To do this, measure the Width of the glass door panel and cut the foam seal to fit. Some foam seals can also be stuck to the underside of the door leaf.

Rubber sealing strip

Rubber sealing strips are also inexpensive and easy to install. As for sealing strips made of foam, you can also stick or stick rubber sealants to the bottom of the glass door leaf. Sealing strips made of rubber are especially suitable for narrow gaps that need to be sealed. There are also sealing strips with a long rubber lip that can be cut to fit. This means that gaps of more than 5mm can also be sealed.

Brush seals

Brush seals close the gap between the Glass door and the Floor. As a rule, they are also glued under the door leaf. They are suitable for sealing gaps that are only a few millimeters.

Door seal with automatic lowering

A somewhat more expensive option to seal glass doors are seals with so-called automatic retraction. The device is slipped or glued onto the underside of the door leaf after it has been sawn to the correct Length. When the door falls into the lock case, the device lowers and the gap is closed.

Fabric draught stopper

With fabric draught stoppers, Glass doors can be sealed quickly and with very little effort and cost. They are simply placed on the Floor in front of the gap of the Glass door. The draught is kept out. The oblong fabric cushions are filled with sand, styrofoam or other materials. You can also sew them yourself or buy them.

Seal beard lock

Door locks with large keyhole are other places where drafts can enter the room. Better than to close the keyhole with matching color Adhesive tape, after putting absorbent cotton in the hole: special covers that you can attach over the beard lock. The cover stops drafts and visually matches the rest of the door set.

Where is the glass door leaking?

To test where Glass doors are leaking, there are a few ways. Hold a lit candle along the closed Glass door. Drafts enter the room at the points where the flame flickers. The test can also be done with incense sticks. If the leaks are very large, you will notice it just by holding your hand or a sheet of paper in front of it.