Trend: white interior doors

Matte or glossy: White room doors made of wood or glass fit any interior style. How you can implement the white door trend in your four walls? We reveal it.

Glass doors in white

Doors made of glass are translucent. The incidence of light provides a sense of well-being and makes small rooms seem larger. Rooms with high ceilings can be optimally separated with sliding glass doors. Interior doors can be fully glazed or consist only of individual glass elements. Smoked glass, green glass or white glass: different types of glass adapt to any interior design style in terms of color. White frosted glass or lasered glass are a visual highlight. There are tightly closing interior glass doors that are sound and heat insulating - also as sliding doors. Safety glass makes glass doors stable and increases break resistance. Doors made of glass are easy to maintain and do not require extensive maintenance. They can also be installed in wet rooms without any problems. Especially opaque white frosted glass, is well suited as opaque shower wall or bathroom door.

Wooden doors in white

Interior doors made of wood look warm and friendly. Natural or lacquered: In terms of color, countless variants are possible. Timeless and modern: A white wooden door fits almost any room. To a rural style of furnishing, fits a natural wooden door. Wood is a constantly working material: doors made of wood, unlike glass doors, can warp due to humidity and temperature. Also, the care and maintenance of a wooden door in the long term is somewhat more costly than that of a glass door


Hinge doors in white

Most interior doors are usually swing doors. Hinged doors made of glass or wood: The door leaf is hinged on one side and attached to the door frame with hinges. In most cases, a single-action door swings into the room it is intended to close off. There are DIN-left and DIN-right swing doors. If the hinges are on the left side of the door, it is a DIN-left door. If the hinges are on the left side of the door, it is a DIN-left door, and if the hinges are on the right side, it is a DIN-right door.

Sliding doors in white

There are several types of sliding doors. Sliding doors made of glass or wood, which hang in the air or close to the floor, made of white glass, opaque white frosted glass, or painted wood. The color white can also be perfectly showcased in sliding doors. Sliding doors are the ideal room divider for rooms with high ceilings or small rooms that don't have room for the swing of a swing door. Sliding doors made of glass offer maximum light incidence. Sliding doors made of wood can also have individual glass elements - and thus carry the color white and still let light into the room: thanks to so-called light cutouts.

White door frames

White door frames: Perimeter frame, block frame or blind frame are all available in white. Door type and frame must match stylistically to give a harmonious overall appearance. White wooden doors visually best match a door frame, which is also made of white wood. A sliding door with a white track, looks best next to a sliding door with white struts. The white surface of the door frame can be paint, lacquer or CPL.