Frames for sliding doors: Can be, but do not have to be

First of all, a door frame is not exactly the same as a door frame: The frame is the framework used to anchor and guide a door in the wall or floor.

The door frame is thus only a part of the door frame, which also includes the decorative or ornamental boards that are attached to the wall around the frame for aesthetic reasons. 
In the case of hinged doors, the frame and decorative boards thus enclose the door.

Sliding doors, on the other hand, either run in front of the wall or disappear into it. So do they not need frames? Sliding doors - whether made of wood or glass - that disappear into the wall need a frame, but you don't always see it. If the room has other doors, it can look quite coherent if the passageway also has a door frame with "all the trimmings". Frames are also present in a "frameless sliding door system" where the door runs into the wall. However, they are then deliberately invisible, without trims. This variant gives the door and wall a minimalist, modern look.

Sliding-door frames: compulsory and freestyle

For sliding doors that disappear into the wall, frames are necessary because the running track is screwed to the top frame. The top frame then runs half in the door opening and half inside the wall. It thus supports the entire sliding door system.

A bottom frame ensures that all types of sliding doors do not swing back and forth and remain stably in place. It gives the door stability and support. With sliding patio doors that are adapted to the appearance of the windows, the bottom frame is attached to the floor. On indoor sliding doors, it is often recessed into the floor in the form of a bottom track and is therefore almost invisible. In contrast to the top frame, the bottom frame is optional.

In sliding door systems that run in front of the wall, the sliding door is independent of the door frame. This means that even if all door passages have visible or invisible frames, they play no role in the installation and function of the sliding door. In this case, the door hangs on the track and the track hangs directly on the wall or ceiling. Such sliding door systems are very easy to install and ideal for creating bright, spacious rooms with modern sliding glass doors. At Griffwerk you will find two particularly modern systems of this type:

Open sliding door system R8

With the R8 aluminium sliding door system, the rollers run visibly on a round tube. This makes R8 a real eye-catcher, because it shows what is otherwise hidden and uses the technology as a design element.

Planeo product line

The sliding door systems of the Planeo product line impress with their simple beauty and modernity. The runners glide invisibly in the track, which can be easily mounted on the wall. If you are replacing a revolving door with a Planeo sliding door, you can even simply mount the running track over the old frame. You only need to pay special attention to the correct wall spacing and any skirting boards that may be present. Our sliding door experts will be happy to advise you on the correct installation and the right aids.