Glass doors future trends

New technology innovations are also becoming increasingly popular for Glass door systems. Adjusting the opacity of the glass pane or using the door leaf as a screen - high-tech doors combine design and functionality.

Glass doors with intelligent frosted glass

Switch the glass pane transparent or milky at the touch of a button: With smart frosted glass, this is possible. The switchable glass, also called smart glass, can change the transparency of the glass pane at the touch of a button. Thus, a transparent glass pane can be made opaque and provide protection from glaring sunlight. Smart glass panes change opacity by applying tension. Depending on how much voltage is applied to the washers, the opacity can be adjusted in several stages - similar to dimming a lamp.

Glass doors with info display

The electronics company LG has developed an automatic Glass sliding door with digital technology together with the Swedish door manufacturer Assa Abloy: The state-of-the-art Sliding doors can display high-resolution images and videos. These digital Sliding doors are very suitable for business premises as a way of outdoor advertising or information board.

Glass doors with modern design

Depending on the furnishing style and use of the room, a different glass door design is suitable - and thus a different technology in each case:

  • Laser technology: Glass doors with delicate motifs are often produced using laser technology. In the processed areas, the Glass is roughened, thus appearing White and becoming opaque. In this way, all kinds of motifs can be lasered onto Glass doors.
  • Sandblasting: The sandblasting technique works similarly to the laser technique. Visually, they also look the same. Flint glass becomes opaque frosted glass after processing.
  • Groove grinding: Glass doors processed with groove grinding are given a tactile design. Patterns or Lines are ground into the door leaf using a grinder with a diamond attachment.
  • Screen printing: provides Glass doors with uniform Spots and line grids. Using a stencil, the pattern is plotted onto the door leaf with an NL-impermeable ink.