The art of lighting - Glass doors and lighting design

Light is an essential part of our lives. It influences our mood, our perception and even our health. The right lighting can transform rooms and create an atmosphere that makes us relaxed, inspired or productive. You can create particularly sophisticated effects by combining good lighting with Glass doors. We explain how it works.

Lighting design is much more than adding lamps and fixtures to a room. It is the art of using light selectively to create a desired mood or atmosphere. Glass doors add a dimension to this art:

Expanding horizons within your own four walls

The highlight of clear glass doors is that they provide a view of other rooms, creating continuity and expanding the feeling of space. They can enhance this feeling with high-impact lighting to visually expand their spaces even further, for example, like this:

Install LED light strips on the floor, ceiling or halfway up the wall, not stopping at the glass door. A continuous strip of light makes the Glass door almost disappear visually and creates the illusion of a single, large room. At the same time, the light strip looks more eye-catching and mysterious on the floor and more inconspicuous and neutral on the ceiling. Both variants go well with modern interiors with a minimalist touch.

The same hanging lamps in different rooms, but placed in one line (alignment) create a similar effect. With hanging lamps, the overall effect is more elegant and less surprising. This variant suits all interior styles, as pretty much all lamp designs can be considered for it.

Glass door as a lampshade

Satin frosted doors maintain privacy, but let light through. You can use this effect specifically by placing a light above or behind the door in one room. Then, when the door is closed, the entire surface of the Satin frosted Glass door in the other room acts like a lamp, spreading a soft, diffused glow. This type of lighting looks especially elegant in bathrooms and hallways.

Shadow play thanks to structure

Each structural glass has its own pattern. Most of the time, it hardly gets any attention, since we use structural glass primarily as a privacy screen. However, if you selectively place spotlights on the other side of the textured glass door, you can elevate the structure of the glass to a design element. Wall lights next to the door also create interesting shadows and patterns that were previously invisible.

Glass door as an art object

You have an old door with a Glazing cut-out made of Tiffany or stained glass? Illuminate it specifically from the outside, preferably with a floor lamp with spotlight. This creates a fascinating luminous eye-catcher on the inside, which, depending on the color scheme, bathes the room in mystical or warm light and conjures up plays of light on the floor and walls.

Effects with tinted glass

Warm white lamps, in turn, harmonize well with tinted Glass doors, especially in earth tones. This combination creates a cozy and comfortable atmosphere, ideal for living room or bedroom.

On the other hand, if they illuminate dark toned Glass doors with overhead floodlights, you will create a dramatic ambience with strong contrasts. This more daring option is ideal for modern interiors.

Nature as a luminaire

The most beautiful source of light is still the sun. Large window fronts and wide Glass sliding doors are the best way to get as much sun as possible into the house. Artificial lighting then has a supporting effect, as in these variants:

  1. A living room with large Glass sliding doors leading onto a terrace can be flooded with daylight. Combined with warm white lighting and subtle sconces, the result is a cozy and inviting space that can be used equally during the day and evening.
  2. A home office with a Glass sliding door that leads to a green garden can increase productivity and create a relaxing work atmosphere. Supplement it with daylight by adding dimmable ceiling lights that illuminate the work area.
  3. A bedroom with floor-to-ceiling Sliding doors made of Glass that look out onto a balcony or garden can create a romantic and tranquil atmosphere. The lighting then ideally consists of indirect light sources that cast soft shadows and create a calming effect.

Our Griffwerk Glass and Sliding door experts know many more options for cleverly combining glass doors or sliding glass doors with lighting, so that your home shines in a whole new light.