The best of all worlds: The living trends 2025

The home as an oasis in a crazy world, flexible working and private life and the desire for security and a sustainable lifestyle are visibly shaping the living trends for the coming year.

At the same time, our demands for sustainability and quality will increase, living space will decrease, at least in part, and demographic developments will open up an ever larger market for ergonomic and safe products.

Mid-century for safety and well-being

Mid-century stands for the period after the Second World War and before the cyber revolution. Back then, the world had just got back to normal, there was a spirit of optimism and upswing and at the same time the world was still analog, less fast and less confusing than today: a clear, cozy "good old days", but with modern conveniences. In times that are increasingly perceived as uncertain, fast-moving and confusing, mid-century therefore seems like a safe haven and is therefore on trend. As the home has gained in importance as a beautiful, safe retreat, furniture is also becoming more and more comfortable and the look and feel more and more designed for all the senses and increasingly cozy.

The trend is therefore towards borrowings from the 50s to 70s, such as coffee-table book tables, upholstered armchairs, round woven rugs, real wood sideboards and floor lamps - constants that we all know "from the old days" or "from grandma", in combination with warm surfaces and wall surfaces in various qualities, so that all the senses are appealed to. And of course in today's quality. In view of the fact that we are getting older and older, "today's quality" also means that drawers and sliding doors run smoothly, large handles promise safety and easy handling and nothing is too heavy, too small, too deep or too tricky in terms of design.
Economically less secure times are reflected in a trend towards veneer, as it also promises the naturalness and timelessness of wood at affordable prices.

Create your own oasis with outdoor homing and nature indoors

The trend towards the home as a safe haven, retreat and oasis also goes hand in hand with the design of outdoor spaces. Terraces and balconies are popular and having your own garden is a dream. Even people who previously did not use or even neglected their outdoor spaces are now rediscovering them as small islands of well-being, installing irrigation and shading and making them cozy and with wellness elements, leading to a great demand for outdoor textiles. Why spend money in a café when I can have a place in the sun at home to suit my taste?

Of course, the sun doesn't always shine, but the new desire for nature is always there. Just as the forest regulates itself, wood regulates humidity and sound and creates a cozy ambience. This is why wood is not only in vogue for furniture, but also for wall design. The vertical slatted design stands out in particular. This trend not only looks natural, but also straightforward and modern, as well as being inexpensive and DIY-friendly: so we'll be seeing more of it in the future.

As flexible as real life

With the trend towards working from home, a trend towards multifunctional rooms has gained momentum in both office buildings and homes, and this will continue to increase in 2025. The guest room will also become a home office, the living room a meeting room and the kitchen a living room. Conversely, offices that are only used for meetings, for the sake of group creativity or as co-working spaces are increasingly being furnished with living furniture such as sofas and dining tables and even entire kitchenettes. However, if a single available room has more than one (living) function, its furnishings need to be particularly flexible. This is where multifunctional furniture comes into play, such as modules that can be a bed, wardrobe, desk, shelf and bench at the same time; beds that disappear into sideboards and multifunctional table arrangements. Depending on the layout and size of the home, sliding doors will become increasingly important in this living model. They are ideal as soundproofing, room dividers and for using awkwardly positioned corners and adapt to the needs of the moment Sliding glass doors also have the advantage that they divide rooms and keep sound out without blocking the light that is so important for our well-being.

Colors for the future

As far as the colors we will be living with in 2025 are concerned, the focus here is also on harmony and well-being, with only a few striking accents. However, harmonious does not mean "achromatic": In kitchens, lemon or sunny yellow, orange, red and other colors that boost dopamine production and thus well-being will find their way onto walls and/or tables.

In the living room and bedroom, including the bathroom (which is increasingly becoming another living space with wellness elements and accessories), calming, harmonious creamy beige tones to match vanilla girls and beige babies are still in vogue, but not in the extreme form: they are combined with earth tones and darker elements such as a dark floor. The combination of beige and dark is particularly suitable for interior design with wooden surfaces - not only in men's homes, as it creates harmony and relaxation without slipping into colorlessness.
A very modern variation of this is natural green tones in combination with earth tones: watery turquoise, inspired by the sea as well as virtual worlds, symbolizes our life between AI and the desire for more naturalness.

For home office areas, warm neutral tones such as clay, warm gray or wheat are the order of the day to create warmth and maintain concentration. Real plants provide a splash of color and balm for the soul. Accessories in such multifunctional rooms will not be gaudy, but pastel-colored, with delicate touches of mint green, peach, lilac or ice blue spreading balance and a good mood.

White will remain a trend color in 2025, as it offers a stage for almost all interior styles: either as a projection surface or to draw the eye to the form, or as an element in a different colored environment, as in many Scandinavian interiors.

An eternal non-trend

A style that is always present and in which most of us probably live is not really a style as such, but a mixture of many trends. When this mixture is done well, however, it creates something new that is more than the sum of its parts: an eclectic style home. This style, or rather non-style, is particularly popular today and will remain so because it combines so much of what attracts us in what feels like chaotic times: something old, a constant, takes on new value. The idea of sustainability is lived out and those with time and skill can even upcycle or restore with DIY projects.

On trend with Griffwerk

The demands for flexible living and working that have come to stay, as well as our longing for light, well-being and coziness at home, call for sliding glass doors. With glass sliding doors, you can turn a living room into a playroom and a quiet home office without losing the overview, you can transform an unused corner into a work area or you can integrate the kitchen into the living area without odors becoming a problem.
The Griffwerk PLANEO AIR SILENT sliding door system from GRIFFWERK provides peace, light, flexibility and, depending on the type of glass, either privacy or a feeling of spaciousness.

The GRIFFWERK glass doors from the NATURE and Lines lines as well as SUMMER COTTON and BIRDS are particularly well suited to rooms with large wooden surfaces or views of the countryside, while the R8 designs as well as the DECO line and our textured glass can be combined particularly well with mid-century furnishings.

The door and window fittings from GRIFFWERK offer visually appealing and functional solutions for every type of home and every age:
The door handles from the AVUS range in cashmere gray or matt stainless steel, for example, are perfectly suited to a natural interior.

CAROLA PIATTA S with its slightly conical shape and discreet decorative applications is a wonderful match for the "good old days" in any color version.

The REMOTE door handle with its wonderful feel fits into both worlds in any color - it blends in without standing out and flatters the hand for a good feeling of living.

For our smooth-running sliding doors, we recommend our modern handle shells for younger people with an affinity for design and handle bars from the ELEGANZA, RONDO or LUCIA ranges for senior citizens with a need for security.

Aluminum, White and Gold: These are the living trends for 2024

The motto of the living trends for the coming year? They should make you happy. You can find out why aluminum, White and gold are real interior lucky charms here.

The interior design trends for 2024 reflect people's need for a positive attitude and the desire to surround themselves with beautiful things that make them happy. This includes furniture and objects that are functional but also geared towards socializing. Accessories, details and accents can be playful, glamorous or a little dramatic, while the overall atmosphere should be minimalist and warm at the same time. This is why living objects in aluminum, white and gold are the trend in 2024:

With aluminum against monotony

Aluminum is easy to recycle and is therefore celebrated by designers as a sustainable and stylish material. Because aluminum, just like stainless steel, appears rough and smooth at the same time, shiny and matt, plus black and white in one, it is considered the perfect material. As such all-rounders, the silver tones set important accents in a minimalist room or add cool details to a cosy environment. Whether as a lamp, chair or door handle: the aluminum look creates a lasting sensation.

Enhancing everyday life with gold

The natural shine of gold is set to enhance everyday life in 2024, with the precious metal adding a touch of glamor. Because all variations of gold reflect the colors of their surroundings thanks to their finish, gold accessories and fittings go with every style and every color scheme. The combination with home accessories in shades of green is particularly trendy and cozy: together with White walls, light wooden floors and structured cotton blankets, golden handles, curtain rods or vases create a warm feeling in the home. The golden fittings then look like jewelry in a colourful room and create a balance between warm and cool colors.

Draw the eye to the shape with white

White home accessories never have a superficial effect in a room, as they do not set any colorful accents. Instead, they draw the focus to the form. White details ensure that the eye only lingers on the design when looking around the room. In minimalist, monochrome, bright rooms, lamps, fittings or carpets in white have a calming effect because the eyes can wander through the room without any visual disturbance. White details fit just as harmoniously into the straightforward design of Scandinavian living styles, especially because they create a balance with natural materials. For vintage or shabby chic, white provides a neutral stage and allows the charming style of signs of use to take precedence.

Stainless steel, gold and white at GRIFFWERK

The aluminum and stainless steel fittings for doors and windows from GRIFFWERK are much more than just functional: they also offer a good-looking solution for every type of home. The CUBICO PIATTA S QUATTRO door handle in matt stainless steel, for example, is perfect for minimalist interiors. Another highlight is the PLANEO LOFT and PLANEO AIR sliding door systems from GRIFFWERK in loft style. Inspired by the façade windows of the Bauhaus, the aluminum version provides stylish accents in your own four walls.

The best way to create golden highlights in a room is with window and door handles from GRIFFWERK. The golden door handles for swing doors, such as the AMADEUS or MARISA model, are a perfect match. Sliding doors show their shiny side with the golden, round PLANEO handle shell. The ONE door handle series in matt gold and silk white finishes offers a matt alternative for every style of living. Incidentally, the AVUS ONE fitting in matt gold is also available with the intelligent smart2lock locking technology. Here, the locking mechanism has been integrated into the handle and a key rosette is no longer required.

The white FRAME door handle is dedicated to minimalism like no other. Its shape is an ode to the right angle and its clarity is unsurpassed. The all-glass doors from GRIFFWERK - such as the frosted all-glass door FROSTED 819 made of toughened safety glass in the color PURE WHITE - also blend in perfectly and create a relaxed living atmosphere.