Fairytale living: the Moroccan style of living

Many tourists who travel to Morocco do so because of its unique flair: vibrant colors, opulent patterns and cushions and ornate details dominate the picture in homes, hotels, cafés and restaurants - every room, every detail seems to tell a story. The Moroccan aesthetic is a fascinating world of sensuality, elegance and inviting hospitality that will not let us go any time soon.

It is no wonder that many wellness facilities and restaurants in our part of the world are also riding the Moroccan wave and furnishing an area in such a magical way. With a few tips and tricks, you can also let the magic of Morocco into private homes to ensure that the vacation feeling lasts.

How to bring Morocco into your home

The colors of the Moroccan style are varied and warm. Terracotta, ochre, turquoise, bordeaux red and emerald green dominate, lending the rooms a lively and inviting atmosphere. These colors reflect the rich landscape and vibrant culture of Morocco and create a harmonious connection to the surroundings. Focusing on furniture and accessories and leaving the walls white creates a lighter, minimalist version of the Moroccan feel, while walls in terracotta or ochre visually focus on opulence and tradition. Both versions are even more effective if you add a few mosaics or zellige tiles here and there. These can be entire floors or walls, but also small details such as mirror or picture frames or decorative tiles on doors, passages or walls. Of course, accessories such as tea sets, fittings, frames, fruit bowls or lamps made of brass are a must.

Typical Moroccan brass lamps and lanterns are decorated all over with ornaments that conjure up magical lighting effects on the walls. Indirect light from hidden or small light sources creates a mysterious atmosphere and coziness. However, it is not only brass lamps and accessories that create a magical atmosphere, but also lamps, decorations and furniture made of leather. Moroccan craftsmen are known for their artistic leatherwork, often decorated with traditional patterns. Characteristic examples include upholstered seating furniture such as poufs, sofas and armchairs made of leather with artistic details such as embroidery, carvings or rivets. Leather is also used in Morocco to cover walls or doors. If that seems like too much of a good thing, you can bring a touch of North Africa into your home with a leather pouf, a brass lantern, a Berber rug and a few Moroccan-style sofa cushions.

Cushions are a very important decorative and feel-good element for a Moroccan-style home: large, sumptuous cushions with embroidery or tassels give sofas, chairs or beds a cozy and inviting look. Choose cushions in vibrant colors and patterns that blend in with the overall look of the room. Feel free to mix and match fabrics, as the Moroccan style thrives on a rich variety of fabrics and textures. Velvet, silk, linen, wool and brocade coexist harmoniously and offer a feast for all the senses.

Griffwerk products for a touch of Morocco

Morocco is warm and opulent. All our products in cashmere gray, graphite black (as a modern counterpart to traditional wrought-iron fittings) and brass are a perfect match. Copper applications also look good as another warm element in a Moroccan ensemble. The Moroccan design language is curved, so rounded fittings and handles are a particularly good match:

For sliding doors

The GM_49111 handle shell in graphite black brass brings the essence of Moroccan style to every sliding door: round, warm, pleasant to the touch and with a color combination that can be found in many accessories.

The Circle handle shell brings warmth through its shape and feel and tradition through its color, blending seamlessly into any ensemble with Moroccan flair.

The Eleganza handle bar in graphite black is a reference to traditional iron fittings. It is a modern element that at the same time does not break with the colors and shapes of the Moroccan style.

The Lucia handle bar brings a further touch of modernity with an angular element and fits perfectly into the sensual world of this style with its round handle and soft feel.

For a Moroccan-style apartment, we recommend a suspended sliding door made of frosted glass, as a reference to the passageways and semi-transparent curtains that give the Moroccan style a special touch.

Moroccan look for hinged doors:

The brass look reflects the Moroccan opulence and also adds a decorative accent to the doors . The double curved Amadeus door handle with a playful long plate reflects the traditional shapes of North Africa and emphasizes the opulence of this style. The single curved Marisa door handle brings lightness to a traditional ensemble with many brass accessories.

Graphite black door handles emphasize a more rustic version of the Moroccan style for people who appreciate simplicity and conciseness. Carola Piatta S goes well with interiors that focus on rural flair, while Lucia blends into such interiors in a modern, understated way.

Lucia Select in graphite black brass combines opulence and rusticity in a modern door handle with a flattering feel and a small reference to tradition.

The DECO 655 hinged glass doorfits perfectly with this style, as its pattern is reminiscent of Moroccan lattice windows.