Color psychology in glass door design

The right colors in the right place can work wonders - even in your own four walls. Find out here how the choice of glass color and pattern can influence the mood and atmosphere of a room.

Colors influence our emotions, moods and behavior, even if we are often not aware of it. For example, red is often associated with energy, passion and excitement, while Blue symbolizes calm, confidence and seriousness. Green stands for freshness, nature and harmony, while yellow can express joy, optimism and creativity. Colors influence product perception, purchasing decisions and interior design. In therapy, colors are used to promote emotional balance.

Glass doors and colors: Three variants, three effects

Glass revolving doors and Glass sliding doors from Griffwerk are available in three Colors: Basic Green, Pure White and Smoked Grey.

Basic Green and Pure White are clear glass, with Basic Green having a very slight green tint, while Pure White is perfectly white and clear. If you install doors made of clear glass, you not only get a greater sense of space and perceived transparency. You can also play with the colors of walls, furniture and decorative objects to create specific moods: A serious home office in muted colors invites the mind to focus and take work seriously. But if the orange-yellow kitchen wall can be seen through the Pure White Glass door, it not only gives a taste of the goodies in the break, but can also be a creativity booster without being intrusive by being too close. The same goes for looking at a bright red picture in the living room, which can give us energy when the coffee cup is empty. Or the other way around: looking from the breakfast table at White, Grey, Taupe or Blue walls and objects in the office subtly puts us in the mood that today is a working day and the seriousness of life is about to begin.

In this way, with clever placement of colored walls and Deco, you can bring moods from one room to another, create depth of space and create a generally pleasant feeling of living.

Smoked Grey is a glass color that exudes seriousness, sophistication, as well as elegance and class, and therefore conveys timeless beauty. Glass doors in Smoked Grey are therefore often used, especially in business environments, but also in residential buildings, which should convey luxury as well as the skillful combination of modernity and timelessness.

Subconsciously, we assume that darker and muted colors give a serious and professional impression, as well as authority, because they contrast with casual clothes and children's toys, and are perceived as traditional, conservative and trustworthy. This is emphasized by the fact that Smoked Grey Glass doors go well with details in gold, silver or platinum, such as classy picture frames, clocks or other high-end utility or decorative items.

Therefore, if you contrast Smoked Grey Glass doors with other muted Colors, you will emphasize the classy and traditional component. If you want to evoke the association with seriousness and professionalism, but focus on modernity, they combine Smoked Grey glass doors with light walls and modern furniture. This will create a refined visual focus and thus an elegant depth in the room. This variant fits well with the minimalist design.