Country house doors: what makes the style

There are different styles of country houses. Rustic, modern or playful: The perfect country house door consists of several elements. Door leaf, door handle and door fittings are selected to match the country house style. The material of the door also plays an important role in the design.

The country house door in Scandinavian country style

Scandinavian country style is characterized by a lot of wood and simple furniture. The furniture pieces are equally functional and decorative. The typical Scandinavian red also looks good on a wooden door leaf. Glass doors with transparent door leaf, or with satin glass match all color concepts of Scandinavian interior style. The door fittings are simply shaped. In terms of color, black, anthracite or gray ideally suits the Nordic style.

Die Landhaustür im modernen Landhausstil

Especially suitable for design interiors are modern doors in country style. Usually, doors in modern design are kept simple in color. Clear lines: Glass doors are ideal for modern country style. A large sliding door made of smoked glass, frosted glass or white glass emphasizes the modern style. In the case of a wooden door, you should avoid decorations on the door leaf and choose a smooth door leaf with a plain color.

The country house door in the Mediterranean country style

The Mediterranean interior style is characterized by friendly colors on the walls and dark furniture pieces. A bright orange or yellow on the walls reminds of the vacation feeling of the Mediterranean regions. Individual pieces of light furniture soften the contrast of dark chosen furniture. Translucent glass doors for the Mediterranean country style further enhance this effect. Therefore, the door leaf of a swing door can also be white or light wood. Wooden doors: Matching the rest of the interior, the door leaf can also remain natural.

The country door in the French country style

Dark solid wood furniture, velvet and light pastel shades are typical when it comes to French country style. Doors can be plain or ornate. In terms of color, light and dark door leaves are equally applicable. Door leaves may be gladly embellished with ornaments. Gold also plays an important role in the decoration to set noble accents. Door fittings can therefore also be chosen in gold.

The country house door in English country style

The English country style spreads a cottage feeling. Floral patterns and romantic decorative elements are just as much a part of it as the typical Chesterfield armchair in front of the bookcase. Doors in English style, can be natural wood, dark or white. The romantic, playful ornaments of the interior can also be found on the door leaf and the door fittings.

The country house door in Bavarian country style

Bavarian country style is characterized by dark solid wood furniture and playful ornaments. Doors can pick up the ornaments in the door leaf and door hardware. Dark door hardware would be typical. Decorative elements in blue, green and white, set colorful accents in the room. The door leaves are matching the rest of the furniture, dark or natural wood.