Beautify old glass door - how to do it

Trends change - and glass doors are no exception. But a new trend does not necessarily mean a new glass door. There is another way: Find out here how you can simply embellish and retrofit old glass doors.

Glass doors have long been a popular way to divide rooms. However, glass door trends have been constantly changing. Since the 2000s, glass doors made of crystal clear white glass or satinated glass have become especially popular. White glass is completely transparent, None of the greenish discoloration that window panes usually exhibit. With satinated glass, the surface is roughened, it appears white and is also opaque. In the 80s and 90s glass doors were rather dark. The glass was brown or smoked glass in anthracite. In addition, the glass panes were not smooth, but one favored so-called structured ornamental glass for glass doors.

Sticking glass doors with foils

A good alternative to change the appearance of glass doors are stickers. These foils are available for little money and can be easily applied to the glass door. Keep in mind for ornamental glass: glass doors made of ornamental glass can usually only be pasted on one side, since one side of the glass pane is made of structured glass and in most cases only one side of the glass door is smooth. On structured glass, the foil would make waves and air bubbles and would not hold. Therefore, the film must be applied to the smooth side of the glass door. Sticker films come in different colors and patterns. There are also foils that look like frosted light glass. Thus, even dark glass doors made of smoked glass can be lightened on one side. Conversely, it is also possible to turn a light glass door into smoked glass with a dark film. Moreover, no foils are easy to remove and can be easily replaced. Tip for applying the foil: Apply the foil on the glass door from above to below. To avoid air pockets, it is recommended to use a rubber spatula, also called joint rubber, and smooth the respective part of the foil that is stuck on.

Matching door handles for glass door

Also the door handles of glass doors, which are already a bit outdated, often no longer match the look of the newly designed glass door. To achieve a harmonious overall appearance of the glass door, the door handles can also be replaced.

Retrofit glass door functionality

Many old glass doors are not well sealed. Drafts and noises are not intercepted. Rubber strips can also be used to upgrade the functionality of old glass doors. The rubber seals are also glued to the sides of the door.