White glass doors

Why white glass is also clear glass, how it differs from other types of glass and why it is suitable for glass doors: an overview.

Not all clear glass is the same: there is "normal clear glass" and "white glass". The main difference between the two types of float or flat glass lies in their appearance - thanks to different proportions of iron oxide.

Most of the glass plates used for windows or glass furniture are made of the normal clear glass - also called soda-lime silicate glass. This transparent glass has a slight greenish tint on closer inspection. Especially at the cut edges, you can see the greenish tint. This is due to the iron oxide content in the molten sand from which the glass is made. The basic materials used to produce the molten glass are quartz sand, calcium oxide, sodium oxide, magnesium oxide, aluminum oxide and, to a lesser extent, other oxides - including iron oxide. Depending on how high the iron oxide content in the glass is, the glass turns more or less greenish: the higher the iron oxide content, the greater the greenish tint in the glass. The angle of view and the corresponding light penetration also determine the intensity of the greenish color cast.

The situation is different with the crystal-clear variant of clear glass - white glass: white glass is produced in exactly the same way as the glass described above. The only difference is that the iron oxide content is so low that the greenish discoloration is absent and it appears color-neutral and almost clear.

As a rule, glass doors are made of (TSG) toughened safety glass or laminated safety glass (LSG). In contrast to float glass, single-pane safety glass is much more stable and resilient because it is thermally toughened. This increases its impact resistance. LSG glass in case of breakage: safety glass breaks into small cube-shaped fragments, without sharp edges.

LSG PRIME glass consists of two toughened glass sheets with incorporated film. LSG also contributes to a sound-insulating effect.

The right glass door for every room: glass door design: opaque, green tint or crystal clear

Sliding door or single-action door: Depending on the furnishing style and room use: Consider appearance and functionality at the same time and make the optimal choice.

High rooms with sliding glass doors look particularly open and bright. A modern, clean interior, is set off particularly well with a door made of white glass. Because the green tint is absent, the door does not compete in color with other furnishings. The focus is on the furnishings: the color-neutral glass blends ideally into the overall look of the room. It is characterized by high light transmission and unadulterated color rendering.

Normal clear glass is suitable for anyone who does not mind the slight green tint. It is hardly noticeable in rooms that are not particularly flooded with light. But clear glass can also be used deliberately - as a stylistic device.

Opaque room separation

If the glass door is not only to act as a room divider, but also to prevent people from seeing into other rooms, satin glass - also known as frosted glass, satinato glass or frosted glass - is recommended. In order to make normal glass opaque, the respective glass pane is screen-printed, etched or sandblasted on at least one side after production. Sticking a privacy film on the glass pane, is common as a short-term solution to achieve the desired effect. Satinized glass doors make sense wherever a view is not desired, such as in the bathroom. For example, the GRIFFWERK model FROSTED 819 SATINATED prevents unwanted views.


Decoration made to order: different printing techniques

Glass doors are also available as a combination variant of clear glass and frosted glass. Recesses with transparent glass, on the opaque pane with various patterns, motifs or lettering, open up another visual highlight - various such designs, offers our LINES series. Countless motif variations are possible through screen printing, digital printing or laser technology. The room design is rounded off with matching door fittings.