All about tight closing sliding doors

Sliding glass doors let floods of light into rooms, but some people fear brightness, odors or heat loss. The solution: tightly closing sliding glass doors. Read here what you need to be aware of.

With rubber on the sides and towards the wall, as well as a brush seal on the floor, tightly closing sliding doors  seal the room tightly against all disturbing influences - and yet allow an open living concept: glass enlarges rooms, saves space and, incidentally, energy. A small, narrow house can take on a whole new, spacious and bright character thanks to sliding glass doors. A sliding door with a seal offers many advantages:

Heavenly rest - heavenly light

Large, open spaces with lots of light do the soul good and raise the quality of life. But sometimes everyone needs their peace and quiet - whether to enjoy it or to concentrate in the home office. A tightly sealed Sliding door made of glass offers both: the glass lets light into the room, and the nearly invisible seal blocks out sound. A tightly closed Glass sliding door, such as PLANEO AIR SILENT, offers similar sound insulation as Hinged doors made of Wood, but much more space and light for your well-being.

Odor and vapor proof

An open kitchen promises a modern ambience, generous viewing angles and a good feeling of space. Cooking fumes, steam and odors in the living area speak against this - a kitchen that is only temporarily open would be the ideal solution. A clear, tightly closing Glass sliding door offers just that: it seals off the kitchen as long as cooking is going on there and keeps disturbing fumes out of the living area. Afterwards, you open the kitchen door again and reconnect the kitchen with the living area. If you want to keep the illusion of the open kitchen all the time, choose a tightly closing Sliding door made of glass in Pure White quality.

The property of being tight against vapors and odors also makes a tight-closing Sliding door ideal for the bathroom, especially for small bathrooms or guest toilets, as well as a walk-in closet in dark, awkwardly located corners.

Bright comfort

Everyone likes cozy warmth in their home - preferably in combination with invigorating light. A tightly closing sliding glass door provides both. Rubber lips sealing the wall and the floor brush prevent unpleasant drafts. This is good for your well-being, for your health and for your wallet, because you save on heating costs. Thanks to the translucency of the glass doors, you no longer have to choose between open living and comfort.

Glass door with privacy: Tightly closing sliding door from Griffwerk

Those who give a high priority to privacy, nevertheless, do not have to give up light and wide feeling of space. A tightly closing Glass sliding door is similarly soundproof as a Wooden door. Their lateral sealing leaves None gap between the door and the wall, so the space behind the door is protected from view from any angle. Tightly closing Sliding doors from Griffwerk can also be locked at the touch of a button using the smart2lock system also developed by Griffwerk. An LED light indicates whether the door is currently locked or open. A mechanical emergency release provides the necessary security.

Purist look and excellent functionality

With "PLANEO AIR SILENT", Griffwerk has developed a high-quality, tightly closing Sliding door system, which fits seamlessly to the wall thanks to rubber lips on the sides. This sliding door system combines the advantages of classic Wooden doors with those of modern sliding doors made of Glass: Light and warmth, noise and privacy protection, large rooms, wide field of vision and necessary room partitioning, energy saving and open living concepts, space saving and comfort - PLANEO AIR SILENT combines all of these and thus offers optimal living solutions.

Despite its high effectiveness, the sealing system is virtually invisible in Griffwerk's tight Sliding doors. It is integrated into an elegant aluminum profile that frames the door. The Profile is available in stainless steel look, Cashmere grey or Graphite black - puristic look combined with highest functionality for every taste and style.

The most frequently asked questions about tightly closing sliding doors

Which questions are most frequently asked about tightly closing sliding doors? We found out using software that analyses which questions people ask voice assistants from Apple, Google and the like. We answer two of them here:

1. What are tightly closing sliding doors?

Sliding doors that close tightly are usually equipped with a rubber edge. Draughts and noises from the adjoining rooms are thus kept out.

2. Can sliding doors be retrofitted with a tight-closing system?

It is possible to retrofit a tight-closing system on sliding doors. There are ready-made sets with rubber bands to stick on. Of course, you can also ask a specialist for help.