Revolving or sliding door?

Griffwerk offers you both revolving and sliding doors. But what are the advantages of these door variants? We will help you decide:


Sliding door systems

Staging room transitions in a modern way.

Space-saving miracle

In sliding door systems, the glass door is guided flat along the wall. It therefore does not require an additional swivel area in the direction of passage. This saves space and can even be the saving solution in some installation situations. However, sliding door systems are not only true space-saving wonders, but also real eye-catchers: With a sliding door system, you present your room transition in a completely new, modern look.


Renovation artist

What to do with old frames and unusual door dimensions? Sliding door systems master such situations brilliantly. They can be mounted over frames and are also more flexible in terms of the clear door opening. While glass revolving doors have to fit exactly to the millimeter, sliding doors allow more tolerance: The required 3 cm overhang must be provided. But it can also be more. For further installation tips, please refer to the installation instructions for the respective products.

More comfort

Glass doors have never been guided so gently: The sliding door systems from Griffwerk feature a convenient soft closing mechanism. It is invisibly integrated into the guide rail and gently stops the door in two locking positions (closed and open). This means that the doors are guided more gently and can neither roll nor hit the glass. Enjoy this plus in equipment.


Advantages sliding glass doors:

  • maximum room opening
  • new modern door look
  • comfortable soft closing
  • better load bearing of heavy doors
  • threshold-free room transitions
  • handle height can be flexibly positioned
  • do not require a swing area
  • save space
  • mountable over frame
  • easy mounting

Revolving door systems

The lighter alternative to conventional wooden doors.


More light living feeling

Fancy a new living ambience with light-flooded, open spaces? Then it's time for glass doors. High-quality glass materials and exceptional design not only make them real eye-catchers. Glass doors can do even more: They modernize floor plans, connect rooms and provide light.


Quick door replacement

Existing wooden doors can be easily replaced with new glass doors. The dimensions of the new glass door must fit the frame exactly. Old frames can usually continue to be used, then only the hinge mount must be replaced with a few simple steps.


But please lockable

Glass lock cases for revolving glass doors are available as unlockable (UV), but also in lockable variants, e.g. with smart2lock, WC lock (WC), with pre-prepared opening for a profile cylinder (PZ) or with bunt-bit lock (BB). The latter two glass door fittings can be permanently locked from both sides with a key.


Noise, wind and emission protection

Hinged glass doors close more tightly than sliding doors because the glass surface of the closed door rests in the frame rebate. Noise and odors are thus shielded. Kitchen odors in particular can be kept away from the living area very well with closed glass revolving doors. In general, any air exchange between rooms is better prevented than with a sliding door. So if you want a vestibule that protects you from drafts, a glass revolving door would be a better choice.


Advantages revolving glass doors:

  • lockable fittings available
  • adaptable to existing frames
  • easy assembly
  • better sealing
  • more protection against emissions
  • threshold-free room transitions possible
  • new modern door look
  • three-part hinges against lowering the door

Well combined

At Griffwerk, you can get your favorite decor both as a revolving and sliding door. So you can choose entirely according to the place of use. Wooden doors can also be combined. So that everything fits together, you can find the right door handles for wooden doors here.