Sliding door: wood or glass?

Sliding doors are space-saving room dividers for your home - but what material are they made of? Wood, glass or a combination?

Sliding door? Wood!

Completely made of wood or refined with wooden elements - sliding doors are available in different design versions and functions. Rustic in untreated wood or white lacquered in country style; single-leaf or with two leaves.  

Country-style furnishings are wonderfully complemented with a sliding door made of wood. Painted white or in pastel shades, they blend in perfectly with romantic, playful country-style living rooms.

Brown wooden doors, with untreated wood whose wood grain can still be seen, look particularly natural and rustic.

Light or dark wood - a sliding door made of solid wood will quickly become the visual highlight of your home. They accentuate an industrially furnished living space or are ideally suited as a rustic style-breaking element to liven up playful furnishings.

Doors with sliding function are available with one-piece door leaves or with two sliding elements. The decisive factor is the space available on the wall next to the doorway. If the wall is large, a one-piece door can be installed. If there is less space on both sides of the wall, a sliding door system consisting of two door leaves is a good choice. Other elements of the sliding door system can be used to combine appearance and functionality. Sliding door tracks, such as the PLANEO SERIES from GRIFFWERK, further emphasise the chosen style and set colourful accents: cashmere grey, graphite black or silver aluminium fittings easily match any sliding door. Sliding door handles complement the respective design of the wooden sliding door and round off the overall appearance perfectly. A large handle, such as the modern LUCIA GST handle bar, or simple and unagitated, such as the CIRCLE handle shell model, are just two examples of the many possibilities. A sliding door made of wood is the perfect solution for anyone who prefers a noble and at the same time rustic way of dividing a room.

Sliding door made of wood with glass elements

Wooden sliding doors with a through view: Rustic room separation with light incidence

Opaque and translucent in one: A wooden sliding door with glass elements ("light cut-outs"), is the translucent variant of a space-saving room partition. The respective glass elements can be placed anywhere on the door leaf.

Clear glass or frosted glass: Clear glass panes allow a clear view into the adjacent room, while frosted glass is opaque but still allows light to pass through. A variant with glass elements consisting of clear glass and frosted areas is one way of combining wood and glass at the same time in the sliding door.

Graphic patterns or individually texted lettering: Design the glass elements entirely according to your ideas. The more light that enters the room, the larger it appears.

More glass, less wood: An all-glass sliding door with a wooden transom that projects over the entire door leaf offers maximum light incidence without sacrificing the wood look. The timeless, modern look of a glass door means it can be combined with any interior style and décor.

Wood and glass are natural materials that can be perfectly combined with each other - sliding doors made of wood with glass surrounds, combine the advantages of both materials.

Glass instead of wood: sliding door, let daylight in!

An all-glass sliding door is an elegant and filigree alternative to hinged doors or wooden sliding doors.

The best thing about them: With sliding glass doors, every room gains light. Glass doors make rooms seem larger: thanks to more lines of sight - even in small rooms, thanks to a view into the adjoining room.

Every all-glass sliding door saves space because it does not need a swing area.

Unlike a wooden sliding door, a sliding glass door is a sustainable and elegant way of connecting rooms and yet separating them from one another - a room-shaping design alternative to an opaque wall as a room divider.

Design and functionality: sliding doors from the PLANEO AIR SILENT range offer sound and odour protection. Noise from the next room as well as kitchen odours are kept out. With soft-close technology, the door glides silently from one end of the track to the other.

A sliding door is ideal for barrier-free living: sliding doors do not slam shut in draughts. With them, larger dimensions are possible than with hinged doors. The sliding door can disappear behind pieces of furniture.

Thanks to the sliding glass door, niches become small rooms - such as a walk-in wardrobe.