Modern living has many styles

Home and decoration media and social influencers show us the ideal world of interior design and furnishing styles. Although many have an idea of which style they prefer, this information usually only serves as an example of a real home.

No particular style of furnishing? No problem.

Some like the country house style, others the Bauhaus style, some love it minimalist and still others Scandinavian or even try Feng Shui. Probably very few people have furnished their homes strictly according to a single style. Families often have different tastes, so everyone brings their own idea of modern living. Sometimes the price also decides on this or that piece of furniture or the choice of door.

Even those who do not strictly adhere to one style can create an individual modern furnishing style. Across all styles, modern furnishings are characterised by clear shapes and natural materials, whereby decorative objects can bring life and also more playful design into the home. As far as colour is concerned, a modern interior style is open to everything: minimalism or Skandi style in the furniture in combination with colourful patterns on the wall works in a modern living room just as well as walls with a lot of white, but retro-style furniture and or cheerful colourful Shabby Chic.

Doors for a modern interior style

A modern kitchen is characterised by a lot of light and clear shapes. It is functional, but not necessarily minimalist. A door made of glass is the best match. Whether a sliding door or a classic door is the ideal choice depends above all on the space available. A sliding door saves space in the room itself, but requires enough free wall space next to the door opening. A tight-closing sliding door made of clear glass is the ideal solution for an open kitchen: it keeps disturbing fumes and smells in the kitchen while cooking is going on, but the illusion of space is maintained the whole time. Afterwards, the kitchen can be reconnected with the living room.

For a smaller kitchen with a revolving door or simple sliding door, glass doors with lettering or design featuring elements from the kitchen are in vogue. A white door with a light cut-out is a nice compromise for people who would rather have a wooden interior door in the kitchen that still looks modern and lets light flood in.

A modern bathroom today has clear lines that are softened by decorative elements. A glass door also suits this style, especially if the window is not very large. Regardless of whether it is a sliding door or a classic door, privacy is required in the bathroom. Therefore, the door should always be tightly closing, soundproof and lockable. A door made of frosted glass with the Griffwerk smart2lock system is therefore the ideal choice for the modern bathroom. This innovative system can be locked at the touch of a button using infrared technology. An LED light indicates when the door is locked.

The furnishings in the living room show most clearly which style of living you prefer. Modern furniture shows this just as much as decorations and interior pieces with a touch of vintage or shabby chic, but the door also plays an important role in the furnishing of the living room. A white wooden door is hardly noticeable and appears calm. This fits well if you like it Scandinavian. A light-coloured room door made of natural wood goes well with a warm modern living style, or if you want to bring a touch of country house style into the living room.

If you want to emphasise the modern style of your interior more strongly, you need a glass door not only as a balcony door but also as a room door in the living room. Here, the design options are almost unlimited. Glass doors from Griffwerk are available for every style of living and to match every interior: modern patterns with geometric shapes, nature motifs, playful or clear lines or simply clear glass - in our portfolio you will find a large selection of room doors for every style of living.

When it comes to children's rooms, most customers who are furnishing one for the first time do not first think of a modern style of furnishing, but of colour, decoration for the windows, high-quality, child-friendly material and safety. A modern children's room does not have to follow every trend or match the interior style in the rest of the house. The idea is that the child has a room to himself, with lots but not too much colour, modern but child-friendly decoration and modern furniture for the child's requirements. The door should be made of wood, like the furniture.

In many flats, a home office has been retrofitted into a small space and therefore often does not even have a room door. In such cases, a sliding door is ideal because it means the door leaf does not take up valuable space when opened. Where a windowless alcove is used, it is particularly important that the door is made of glass so that light enters and the room appears larger. A tight-fitting door made of clear glass in Pure White quality is the best option here. It provides a lot of light and a good feeling of space, but at the same time keeps disturbing noises outside. If you want to furnish your home in a modern way, go for an office shelf in industrial style. This fits into any modern home and gives the area a special touch of "work".

The front door has a different function than an interior door. It acts as a calling card for the house and gives everyone who passes by an indication of how modern the interior of the house is furnished. The colour plays just as important a role as the material. A front door made of dark wood suggests a more classical interior, light wood indicates country house style, modern country, hygge or Scandinavian style, as do white doors with light cut-outs. A door made of metal or with elements in black suggests industrial style or an ambience like in a loft, while grey or coloured metal with glass, but also brass and copper elements fit in with Bauhaus.