door handle set
Isolated product image in perfect product view shows the GRIFFWERK rose set LARONDA in the version mortice lock - chrome/steel look - screw on technique


door handle set
door cover:
lock type:
Direction: L/R
norm select: cl4
valid country: Germany
door handle set LARONDA
screw on cl4 rose set round
mortice lock chrome/steel look
EAN-13: 4250214633082


The squaring of the circle

The squaring of the circle is a classic geometry problem. With GRIFFWERK door handle set LARONDA, you can opt for either round or square rosettes, thereby achieving a completely different look.

Detailed technical drawing in top view including dimensions of GRIFFWERK door handle LARONDA

What is a coloured beard lock?

Buntbart door handle sets, known at Griffwerk as BB for short, are suitable for all types of room doors, e.g. interior doors made of wood. This is also referred to as a simple door lock. Buntbart locks should not be used outdoors, as they can be easily opened by unauthorised persons without a key with a locking hook. A BB lock is therefore particularly suitable for interior doors without security requirements.

Mid-Century Modern

Mid-Century Modern stands for a formal design in architecture. The origin of this style of living can be found in the USA and Europe between the 1930s and 1960s. Mid-Century Modern is characterised above all by clear lines, organic forms and streamlined design without further embellishments. In terms of colour, the emphasis is on earth tones. In homes today, the Mid-Century Modern style is often found in sofas and other furniture, but the style is also an interior design idea on door handles. our door handles are perfectly combined with it.